Gyms and Sports in Sevilla

Gyms in Seville
After many questions and emails about gyms in Sevilla I decided it was time to put together this section, which, much like my exercise plans, had been lagging behind in the projects list. When you come to a new country getting involved in organized sports, finding a place to run or a good gym can be a difficult task. Many students coming for a semester or year start looking immediately for a good gym. Others are in Seville for a week or two and would like to keep the workout plan going. Below I've listed a number of gyms, plus other places where you can run, bike or do something a little more active in the sun. Soon I'll be adding some information on other organized and not so typical sports, but I have to visit a few places before I do.

Topics in this section

Gyms in Seville


There are now several gyms to choose from in Sevilla, which wasn't the case some 15-20 years ago. They range in characteristics: the older, more established to the newer, modern and hip, while others are better for specialties like bodybuilding, personal trainers or corrective fitness. Do note that the centros deportivos or polideportivos offer many of the same things the gyms do, plus more, such as outdoor tennis and basketball courts and larger swimming pools. A more traditional "gym atmosphere" will be found below.

Cuesta Sport

Address: Cuesta del Rosario, 8 Pasaje telephone: 955 069 723 web: cuestasport.com
If you are looking for a gym in the very center of Seville there is likely nothing more convenient than Cuesta Sport, a facility which opened around 2005. They have good equipment, it's well run and they are also expanding. There is free WiFi and computers with internet access for members. Plus they have reasonable prices and a lot of options: day, week and month passes, as well as normal monthly memberships.

Sato Sport Santa Justa

Address: Santa Justa - c/ Jose Laguillo. web: satosport.com
When it comes to the newest and perhaps hippest place to work out it must be Sato Sport Santa Justa. Finished over the summer it’s located just across the street from the train station and offers five floors of facilities with views in three directions. The location is further from the center and an easy bus ride or a quick jog. As it’s new it’s likely to be crowded, but there won’t be anything newer. I am working on a list of equipment and facilities but for now there is a small list below. Keep in mind this is the largest gym in Europe, at leats until someone comes along and builds another. So they will likely offer more than just about any other gym around.

Cartuja Sport

Address: Isla Cartuja. telephone: 954 463 000. web: cartujasport.com
Before Sato Sport Santa Justa this was the latest and greatest gym. Making use of abandoned space in the old Expo grounds Cartuja Sport takes up five floors and packs just about everything you want and then some in the space. Not in the center, it’s a long bus ride on one of the circular (C) buses.


Address: Triana - c/ Ignacio Gomez Millan
Address: Porvenir - c/ Cardenal Bueno Monreal web: galisport.com
With two locations Gallisport offers plenty of options in their facilities. Choose the Triana location across the bridge or if you live on the other side of Maria Luisa Park perhaps the Porvenir location is better.

Sevilla Gym

Address: Alameda - Calle Amor de Dios, 35 web: sevillagym.com
With a central location, Sevilla Gym offers aerobics classes, free weights and machines. Located in an older building which has been renovated (with a recent addition to the space) it’s between La Campana and the Alameda.

Adonis (This has now changed names but in the same location)

Address: Alfalfa - D. Alfonso El Sabio, 7. telephone: 954 215 474
Very convenient to the center – no need to take a bus – this is a smaller facility. Just a few blocks from Plaza Alfalfa they are at their best when it comes to weight training and bodybuilding, directed by experienced trainers.


Address: Many locations in the center. web: curves.es
The popular gym for women only is in many countries and Spain is no exception. There are about ten different locations in the city of Seville so you will have plenty to choose from. If you have a Curves membership in another country there may be discounts at locations in Seville.

Gimnasio Atlas

A larger gym with a wealth of fitness options, it’s located in the center and thus an easy walk or bus ride from just about anywhere.

Gimnasio Eurogym

If you find yourself on the other end of Los Remedios this could be a good location for you. Located close to Parque de los Principes, where there’s plenty of space for running, walking or biking.

Gimnasio Femenino Alonso

Address: San Vicente - c/ San Vicente, 23
One of the few women’s only gyms in Sevilla.

Gimnasio Villalba

Located in Nervión and easily accessible by bus from the center. This is a very good facility.

Club Antares

If you’re looking for high end fitness clubs and to mingle with business executives then come to Club Antares. The Club also boasts conference and meeting rooms. Some higher end hotels may offer free use of the facilities during your stay – enough said. Still if you can swing the price you can work out in high style. Some of the best sports medicine professionals are on hand to help as well. Club facilities include:

Weights: free and machine
Steam baths
Heated pool
Tanning beds
Dance classes
Physical therapy

Basketball in Seville


Below are some of the sports centers which have basketball courts available with a reservation, for just a few Euros. If you are looking to take part in a pick-up game or just shoot around a little you can head close to the river next to Plaza de Armas, where you will find two basketball courts that are open just about every afternoon. If you are coming from the U.S. and are quite tall, just remember there is no basket intereference in international rules, so swat away, even if it is on the rim.

Polideportivo San Pablo

Address: Santa Justa - Avda. Kansas City s/n

Polideportivo Hytasa

Address: Héroes de Toledo, s/n

Centro Deportivo Mar del Plata

Address: Los Remedios - C/ Mar de Plata s/n

Tennis in Seville


The following have tennis courts, and all charge a fee for court use, although generally it's not too steep.

Hytasa Sport Centre

Address: Héroes de Toledo, s/n

Mar del Plata Sport Centre

Address: Address: Mar del Plata, s/n

San Pablo Sport Centre

Address: Address: Avda. Kansas City

Golf in Seville


Real Club Pineda de Sevilla

Address: Avenida de Jerez s/n. telephone: 954 611 400 web: www.rcpineda.com
Take a look at a morning trip for a round of golf on sevilla5.com. This is Seville's oldest gold course, founded in 1939.

Real Club de Golf de Sevilla

Address: Autovia Sevilla-Utrera, km 3,2. telephone: 954 124 301. web: www.sevillagolf.com
With a course designed by Jose Maria Olazabal, this venue held the Gold World Cup in 2004. Other facilities at the club include swimming pools, tennis, paddle and squash courts. Green fees (18 holes) start at 85 €.

Las Minas Golf

Address: Ctra. Isla Mayor, km 0,800, Aznalcazar. telephone: 955 750 678. web: www.lasminasgolf.com
In the province of Seville close to the Doñana National Park. Green fees (18 holes) start at 35 €.

Club Zaudín de Golf

Address: Ctra. Tomares-Mairena, km 1,5, Tomares. telephone: 954 154 159. web:
Designed by Gary Player, this is a flat and playable course for beginners and advanced golfers. Green fees (18 holes) start at 46 €.

Water Sports in Seville

Deportes de agua

Deportes Riomar - rowing and kayaking

Address: c/ Clara de Jesus Montero, 3A. telephone: 954 340 028

Club Piragüismo Triana - Triana Kayak Club
Address: Instituto Charco de la Pava

telephone: 954 281 382

Centro de Alto Rendimiento
Address: Isla La Cartuja

telephone: 955 062 000


- Rent a paddle boat on the Guadalquivir River
Address: Along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, close to the Torre del Oro. telephone: 659 299 183

Sports and Recreation Centers in Seville

Centros Deportivos

A centro deportivo or polideportivo can be your savior in Sevilla if you are looking to play tennis, basketball and other outdoor sports. They are larger complexes which include a range of outdoor and indoor facilities. Because there are no public tennis or basketball courts these places have made me a happy man.

Polideportivo San Pablo

Address: Santa Justa - Avda. Kansas City s/n
A larger center with traditional gym facilities plus a range of other sporting possibilities. Centro Deportivo San Pablo offers one of the widest variety of facilities, and has some of the best swimming pools and diving areas in Sevilla. Facilities include:

Water polo
Indoor soccer
Running track
Weightlifting: free and machine
Karate and tae-kwon-do

Polideportivo Hytasa

Address: Héroes de Toledo, s/n
Probably the largest centro deportivo, or sporting facility in all of Sevilla. While it is further out than many it’s a 10-15 minute bus ride from the center. Tennis courts and other facilities can be reserved ahead of time for one time use (per hour) or for scheduled use (book a specific hour(s) once a week at the same time). The complex takes up several blocks with over 4,500 square meters of space. Facilities include:

Water sports: swim & waterpolo
Roller blade hockey
Weightlifting: free and machines

Centro Deportivo Mar del Plata

Address: Los Remedios - C/ Mar de Plata s/n
In Los Remedios, Mar de Plata is a modern facility which is a ways out from the center. Accessible by a couple of circular (C) buses, you can enjoy a more expensive gym and equipment/facilities for:

Weightlifting: free and machine
Full contact
Indoor soccer

Parks in Seville


Sevilla has a number of parks where visitors and sevillanos alike spend time exercising or simply kicking back and enjoying the outdoors a bit. Still, every park also has a bar, which may put a cramp in your workout plans if you get tempted. Be strong, and get that beer another day...

Parque Maria Luisa

A favorite place to run or rent a tandem bike. At the moment it suffers a bit from the rerouting of traffic through the park – this due to the current work for Sevilla’s new Metro. Still, a good place to take a bike or a jog in the shade on a hot summer or spring day. There’s also room for tossing a Frisbee or two, or simply kicking back and enjoying a day on the grass.

Parque del Alamillo

One of the bigger outdoor parks developed thanks to the Expo in 1992. If you find yourself away from the center and close to the Alamillo bridge it’s worth a stop. Ideal for biking and jogging you’ll also find one of the fitness circuits on the park grounds. Take pit stops during your ride to for an extra workout on parallel bars, rings, balance beams and other exercises. The park hosts several activities during the weekends. The park is also the site for young and aspiring toreros, who can be seen training against a pair of bullhorns connected to two bicycle tires. They practice 2-3 times a week.

Parque de los Principes

Another excellent location to run on the far side (from the center) of Los Remedios. A lot of open space, with less trees and vegetation than Paruqe Maria Luisa. It makes for a good spot to throw the frisbee or catch some sun as well.

Rio Guadalquivir

If you like to bike, job or roller blade you can find a great spot on the river. The city has done a wonderful job in rehabilitating the center side of the river, which was once an unsightly mess. The trail along the river will take you down to Parque Alamillo and offers a wide trail for wheeled or non-wheeled sports.

Swimming Pools in Seville


While there are some gyms with pools the majority can be found in the centros deportivos throughout the city. Sato Sport Santa Justa, the newest gym around, has an olympic size pool. Here are the pools broken down by districts:

Centro deportivo en proyecto-Fundición

Address: C/ Crédito s/n (Center)

Centro deportivo Miraflores-Pino Montano

Address: Avda. de las Casillas s/n (Macarena)

Centro deportivo Virgen de los Reyes.

Address: Avda. Doctor Fedriani s/n (Macarena)

Centro deportivo Hispano Aviación

Address: C/ Ignacio Gómez Millán s/n (Triana)

Centro deportivo Mar de Plata

Address: C/ Mar de Plata s/n (Los Remedios)

Centro deportivo Piscinas Sevilla

Address: Avda. Ciudad Jardín s/n (Nervión)

Centro deportivo San Pablo

Address: Avda. Kansas City s/n (San Pablo)

Centro deportivo Alcosa

Address: Ctra. Parque Alcosa (East)

Centro deportivo Entreflores

Address: C/ Flor de Retama s/n (East)

Centro deportivo natación

Address: Parque Central Polígono Aeropuerto (East)

Centro deportivo Rochelambert

Address: C/ Doña Francisquita 2 (East)

Centro deportivo Torreblanca

Address: C/ Mirian s/n (East)

Centro deportivo Hytasa

Address: Avda. Héroes de Toledo 10 (South)

Centro deportivo Porvenir

Address: Avda. Cardenal Bueno Monreal s/n (Porvenir)

Centro deportivo Tenis Betis

Address: C/ San Salvador s/n (South)

Centro deportivo Tiro de Línea

Address: C/ Lora del Río 1 (South)

Outdoors and Adventure Sports in Seville


I am just starting this section, with many links to come. It will eventually be it's own link once I have more reviews of trips and services.

Skydivespain.com - whether you've done it before or want to learn, they offer several options when it comes to leaping out of a plane!

Pedalyaventura.com - Located in Sevilla they offer guided mountain bike excursions in Andalucia and Extremadura, with over 5,000 km of routes to choose from. They arrange pick up at your hotel, plus lunch at the end of the day. See a report on hiking in Cazalla with Pedal Y Aventura at sevilla5.com.

Bikingandalucia.com - Located in Granada, they offer guided cycling holidays in the Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain. With local knowledge, you get to really know one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Spain.

Equiberia - looking for a long horseback riding tour? Up to 8 days with routes in Sevilla and Huelva (as well as central Spain) that include meals and lodging in rural accommodations.

Fincalasuerte.com - guided horseback (day) tours in a Natural Park, along with rural accommodations, with a guide from the British Horse Society. Your guids can take you on some great horseback trails through a the Natural Park, as well as arrange for lodging, meals and other activities during your stay.

Buentour.com - rent a "ski" apartment in the Sierra Nevadas and hit the slopes.

Spectator Sports in Seville


Seville has hosted a large number of sporting events, more recently the Davis Cup Finals (December 2011), the World Cup of Golf, and the UEFA Cup Championship. These are high profile events which fill the city with visitors. There are also regular season professional sports, of which football (soccer) is the main draw. The two teams are Real Betis Balompie and Sevilla F.C. Betis colors are green and white and their games are held in Benito Villamarin Stadium in the Heliopolis neighborhood. Sevilla colors are red and white and they play in Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium in the Nervión neighborhood. The season generally runs from late August until early June. The league schedule ensures there will be a match in Seville every weekend as the two teams alternate home and away games. The only exception is twice per year when the two teams play each other in a match which captivates the entire city. The rivalry between the two is heated and it's hard to find a sevillano who doesn't have an allegiance to one team. Matches typically take place on Sundays, although a few are on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Both teams often compete in the UEFA Cup and at times Champions League bringing visitors to Seville from other countries in Europe.

Tickets can be purchased most often at the stadium the day of the match just an hour or so before the match starts. You can also buy a few days in advance at the ticket windows, or taquilla, at the stadium. If you want to buy in the center and at an inflated price then you can try the event resellers on calle Tetuan. I do not recommend buying them online through any kind of agents because the prices are much higher, even than the resellers in the city.

Real Betis Balompie

Team colors: Green and white
Stadium: Estadio Benito Villamarin
Capacity: 52,500
Address: Avda de la Palmera s/n
telephone: (34) 954 610 340
web: realbetisbalompie.es

There is every reason to support Betis and absolutely no reason to support Sevilla F.C. ;) Those of you looking for an objective view of this sport in Seville, well, I must send you elsewhere. Well, I guess you're on your own, but you'll find a site kinder to las palanganas somewhere out there. Green and white are the colors of Andalucia, and Seville is the capital of Andalucia. Not much more to be said. Well, I would point out that the King's mother was a very big Betis fan and that should count for something.

Sevilla Futbol Club

Team colors: Red and white
Stadium: Estadio Sánchez Pizjuán
Capacity: 45,000
Address: Avda Eduardo Dato s/n
telephone: (34) 954 535 353
web: sevillafc.es
Photos: None, and there never will be unless they come from the derby.

Red and white means failure, and Sevilla F.C. offers a group of poor excuses for players and a coach with the personality of a peanut. If you are a Sevilla fan don't get upset as some of you have done. I am not some recent arrival who has no right to take a side in the rivalry: I've been a socio of Betis starting in 1994 and with close to 20 years under my belt I'm more than a casual fan. This is all in good fun and my personal web site so please keep your comments to yourself. In return I will not visit your web site and complain about some content you have written. I'm sure you're all very good people and your one flaw is liking Sevilla F.C.


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