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The 3rd Annual World Flamenco Fair is in Sevilla October 23rd-26th in conjunction with WOMEX. Performances will generally be during the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday and Friday the trade show is closed to the general public until 5pm. The fair is being held in the Seville Conference and Exhibition Center.

Below is a quick guide, including directions and ticketing. For a performance schedule it is best to check this website: Fibes.es (English version). Recording artists, record labels and management, instrument and clothing manufacturers, publishers and other vendors are some of the people attending the trade fair portion.

World Flamenco Fair Details

The Fair is located in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Sevilla located on Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñela. You may want to catch a bus to get to the fair as it's located outside the center. Bus 27 will get you there in 5-10 minutes. You can easily catch it from the Santa Justa Train Station. Cost is 1€, or less if you purchase a 10 trip bus pass.

Ticket Prices and Information
Ticket prices are 30€ for a 3-day pass to all shows or 8€ for any one day. You can get more information on ticket sales by calling 95 447 87 00 or emailing general@fibes.es or feriavirtual@fibes.es

More information
More information on The 3rd Annual World Flamenco Fair and the performances can be found at Fibes.org (English version).


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